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Strategizing With The Seven of Swords

During a recent tarot reading, the Seven of Swords kept appearing. And every time it did, I sucked my breath grudgingly. As you might have noticed, I had never written about it before because, well, I am kind anxious around it.

Unlike other cards that I am not a fan of, because either I don’t have much understanding of (Temperance) or just not that into (Queen of Pentacles), I am all too familiar with the Seven of Swords.

Especially the young me.

As a teenager living under a strict roof of my traditional Indian parents, I have called upon and emulated the Seven of Swords energy plenty of time. Tricking, not telling the whole truth or just plain lying to manipulating ━ I have done it all ━ just to have a chance of a normal teenager life; like eating pizza with friends, not coming straight home after school or going to a friend’s house over the weekend.

Learning the Seven of Swords as a tarot-loving adult unwillingly brought back all those childhood memories ━ or traumas, depends on how I feel like framing it. Either way, it wasn’t fun; hence I avoid hanging-out with the Seven of Swords.

Back to the reading, I was expecting advice along the “beware of trickers and manipulations” line, but the reader kept saying “strategize” whenever the Seven of Swords popped up.

At the end of the session, I asked why, and she said:

“Because it asks you to strategize. You might have the tools, but you need to know how to use it for your advantage to achieve what you want — kind of like The Magician.”

Seven of Swords is the strategy card

Before then, I had never seen the Seven of Swords in a positive light. Strategize doesn’t seem so bad, does it? Maybe I can work with it to slowly rewrite my childhood stories.


Everyday Witch Tarot Deck Interview

1. Your vibe:

The Star.

2. What type of reading suits you best/What are you good at?


3. What is a challenge for you?

Page of Cups.

4. How to treat you?

Knight of Cups.

5. How do you spill your tea?

The Hierophant.

6. What are you here for?

Eight of Pentacles.

7. Our vibes together:

The Moon.


Temperance Repeated Appearance

I have been getting Temperance on my tarot reading for a while this month.

In the beginning, I took it as a reminder of to pursue a work-life balance instead of spending the whole day at work and pulling an all-nighter on the blog at home. 

But today, in Jakarta, I get it too. I am on leave and I didn’t bring my laptop. So, what’s the temperance supposed to stand for? At first, I was like ugh?! I didn’t get it. So I pulled another card, asking what was the Temperance all about? The Sun card comes out. Double ugh??!

Then I went to have breakfast outside when I heard the voice in my head kept saying ‘my life is unbalanced’. It couldn’t be my own brain, I didn’t want to believe it has a different opinion than I asked the voice, “Is it though?“”Yes, it’s“, the voice replied.

Suddenly, like a flash of an image, I thought about how I really want to write every day. Even if it’s just one sentence. Even if it’s for only a few minutes, but I don’t do it. Because I don’t take control of my schedule as I should, but I don’t.

My life and I have been pretty unorganized lately.

Temperance tarot card, for me, is about organizing myself and taking control of my time to prioritize the things that are important to me.

The card makes a bit more sense now.

Temperance Tarot The Spacious Tarot

Temperance in Tarot

I draw Temperance as the card of the month, followed by the 10 of Cups sticking behind it.

The Universe is presenting me with work-life balance gift and I instead of chasing busy-ness, I ought to enjoy it.

As for the 10 of cups, I think it serves as a reminder that my upcoming weeks will be filled with gatherings. We invited Shoba and Shree to the apartment tomorrow. The plan is to have dinner at Thai @ Chapel and continue with drinks at home.

Next weekend I am going to hang out with my cousins. The following week I have another gathering with the Indian team-mates, after that EMF. And last week of the month, I invited the girls in the office that I am close with.


Happy Cups

I pulled The Chariot as the card of the day.

“Make a decision!” it says.

“What about?” I asked pulling another card as the clarifying card.

Temperance revealed itself.

Balanced life.

I still didn’t get it.

So I draw another card.

Ace of Cups.

Two days in a row?

What does these cards are supposed to tell me?

I read them together.

Recently, I had to make a decision, I chose work-life balance and now I am reaping the benefit?

I do have stress-free workload these days.

I get to finish work before 6 PM and do other things outside work.

Thee things that have been filling heart, fulfilling and overflowing my happy cups.

I am happy.

So is that it?

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