The Fifth Spirit Tarot deck

Tarot Decks I Am Lusting Over in 2021

Here are some tarot decks I am lusting over — and willing to part with my a portion of my pay-check in exchange for, in 2021 (I updated the list hence the repost).

Sorted by my level of obsession from top to bottom. Prices are in USD, excluding shipping.

1. Fifth Spirit Tarot – $55

A queer and inclusive deck for a world beyond binaries, Fifth Spirit Tarot, by Charlie Claire Burgess. It will be my next purchase once the Australia stockist, Seeker Tarot, has it.

Update: I bought it! It’s here, I have been practicing with it and absolutely enjoying the artwork and the card quality. Highly recommend it.

2. Yokai Yochi Tarot – $53

This deck portrays ghosts, folklore, and traditional Japanese artwork. All things that I am drawn to. I hesitated a bit to when I saw the cards, because it’s grey and well.. creepy, but I can’t think of a better deck to accompany me on the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage I have been planning for.

You can pre-order now to be shipped in July 2021.

3. Mother Tarot – $69

A colourful, beautifully drawn, square-shaped deck, by the same creator who created The Dark Days Tarot, Wren McMurdo Brignac.

You can pre-order now until July to be shipped latest by September 2021.

4. Tarot Visions of Life – $60

This deck uses humour to illuminate different life situation and with a keyword written on the bottom of the image, it has a bit of oracle vibes. But the illustrations are colourful, light and funny. Feels like a deck we all could use to navigate during this period of uncertainty. Also free shipping to Australia. Yes pls!

5. The Ink Witch Tarot – $40

I am surprised this deck hasn’t got a cult following. The beautifully hand-illustrated cards have subtle shades of grey, making it the third grey-dominated deck on this list. It might just be the the theme of my deck choice for this year.

6. CoronaTarot – $40

Finally, the deck that fits our current life collectively. If you tend to lean against dark humour to navigate through life’s woes, as do I at times, maybe this is the best deck to get this year.

7. The Future Ancestors Tarot – $65

Created by Filipina-American artist and tarot reader, Alexa Villanueva. Read her inspiring story in full here.

8. Cosmic Cycles Tarot – $40

Created by Martina Razo and illustrated by Miriam E.G. This deck has been on my list for more than a year. I almost bought it last year but it was cancelled at the last minute by the seller due to international shipment issue no-thanks to Covid.

It’s currently sold-out.

If none of the above is your deck-of-tea, here are others that I also like: The Not So Mystical Tarot Deck $47, The Shuffle Tarot, Tarot Mood by Natalie Meraki – $40, Kaleidadope Tarot: A Dope Deck – $55, Hungry Demon Tarot – $48, The Quirky Creatives Tarot – $39, Third Eye Tarot – $48.

Film Camera MjuII Kodak Color 400 Living Room Meletos

Kurated by Kovfefed – January 2021

It’s still new-year-ish to kick-start your (bullet) journaling habit with affordable tools and or join the Writer HQ intro to journaling newsletter.

New to me tarot blog: 78notes. Too bad they had stopped posting for a while now.

A photo-diary of a Saari residency in Finland.

One day I got curious whether there would be curry flavoured ice cream. There are many indeed! Here is one that looks delicious: Curry Coconut Ice Cream.

Japanese homeware delivered to you worldwide.

My favorite fried hard boiled eggs recipe.

90% buckwheat Soba.

Shooting with expired film camera.

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Dexter – one of my all time fave TV shows is making a come back!!

The Rooftop Beehives Of Paris

Everything Haruki Murakami has ever compared to writing.

New Moon in Capricorn Tarot Spread.

A List of the Best of Domestic-Thriller books.

Poetry inspired tarot spread.

I am adding Yumori No Sato, Tokyo’s Black Water Onsen, to my ever-growing Japan travel list.

52 memoir prompts , self-discovery prompts and some more if you want.

How pulling one tarot card each day for a month transformed Gina Tomaine’s yoga practice. Another good read: Tarot for meditation: A Crash Course for Modern Yogis.

I will accept this beautiful art-work as an advance half-birthday or birthday gift 😀

Japan’s ancient vegetarian meal.

Best Days
Celebrations, Diary, Musings

What Was The Best Day of Your Life?

What was the best day of your life?

The question popped out on my phone. Sent by Jik. It got me thinking. The thing is, I have many.

The days I spent with my cousins, driving around Jakarta to buy the best road-side food.

The weekend I went to Malaka with my Uni friends and made more friends by the time we went back to Singapore.

Our three weeks honeymoon in Japan.

The weekend I went to Goa to attend my cousin’s wedding.

The first time I saw the Autumn colours IRL.

The many moments I shared with Cheryl when we worked together.

The day I went to the theme park as a kid with just my parents. I was wearing a red dress, and they let me do water rafting. It was so fun. I felt so happy and excited, and a bit of a grown-up.

The day I got a salary hike.

The day I got approval to move to Australia.

The day I stood in front of the sixteen floors National Library in Singapore.

The day I noticed Vi entering the classroom wearing her purple pyjamas.

The days I spent in Phi Phi Island, wearing a bikini for the first time and learning to be confident in it.

The day I bought my first MacBook.


The hours I spent in the bookstores. And the hours I spent in Spellbox.

The night of the New Year’s Eve when I met Fafa.

The drunken night walk with my cousins in Copenhagen.

The day I ate MSG ridden fried-rice in a Chinese restaurant in Italy after not having rice for more than a week for the first time in my life.

Japan days.

My first snowfall day.

The days where Fafa kindness was the only support I had.

The weekend in Uluru.

The hours Jik and I spent in coffee shops in Hong Kong.

The time with LOL memories.

Quality times I spent with Amma and the moments of hugging her.

The day my Amma complimented me on my cousin’s engagement day.

Drinking Karak Chai in Dubai.

The nights I sat on the beach.

The hours I spent in the kitchen with my workmates – having lunch or just taking breaks.

The days I spent with Erwin and Vivi, rediscovering Jakarta.

The days and nights I spent with Thu just messing around while trying to figure out life.

My days in Singapore.

First dates. Second dates.

The days where I do very little but don’t feel guilty at all. The days when I do so much and feel a sense of accomplishment.

My post-grad days.

Sleepover nights.

My wedding days.

The day I realised I had all the support I needed in life.

The afternoon in Brisbane when we took an hour Uber-ride to eat good Indo food.

The day I discovered Serial podcast while travelling in Europe, which led into the true-crime rabbit hole.

The day I took Shinkansen for the first time, the second time and every single time after that.

The day I set up my blogs excitedly.

My last working day in Singapore.

Those are some of my best days—the ones I would love to redo. I realised now that most of them involve being surrounded by my loved ones, travelling and discovering myself. Here is to creating space in my life for more of those kinds of days.


Goodbye Brown Box

I went through my to-do list today and saw “brown box” as one of the things to tick-off today. “brown box” has been in my to-do list for months now. Being rescheduled every time it shows up on the day’s agenda.

The reason?

I don’t know what “brown box” is.

I must have written it during one of the times I woke up fresh at random hours past midnight, unable to sleep again. Or as I refer it here as my 5 AM Thoughts nights.

I have rescheduled “brown box” too many times, hoping to coax my brain into recollecting what was it instead of giving up on it. Like in that one episode of Seinfeld, when Jerry woke in the middle of the night, noted down a joke for his stand-up but couldn’t read nor remember what was it the next day.

I decided to cross off “brown box” of my to-do list today. Hoping that since it has been months, I most probably won’t need a brown box nor brown book nor to borrow a box nor to bury a box anymore.

That’s it. You are released “brown box” —into the unknown.

I am not going to look at it and spend extra few seconds every time I see it to figure out what could it be.

You can relax now brain. I have given you extra space. But it might also mean I have given you extra room to load ten more things for me to try to figure out for months before I give up and delete it again from my to-do list.

Either way, your move, midnight-brain.


Travel Sins

Confession time: I have committed several travel sins. Here are some of it —

I Don’t Do Backpack

The last time I wore a travel backpack, or a hiking backpack to be exact, was when I was in secondary school. Once I moved to high school, both my blue backpack and innocence were neatly packed away.

Ever since I started to travel, I either bring my pink carry-on or my big ass ‘I-can-easily-fit-a-body-in-it’ Samsonite. I cursed myself so much for not having a cool backpack when I had to carry the 40 kilos worth of luggage up 3 narrow sets of stairs inside a Hutong in China. But did I get a backpack after that? Not really. I still travel with the same luggage.

I Am Constantly On My Phone

The first thing I search for when I reach a new place is the wifi, to tell Amma that I am safe and sound. Unlike travel bloggers out there who set up a blog just to inform their parents, my Amma demands to know immediately when the plane touches down.

It is one of her nonnegotiable family rules.

Also, I like to take pictures and make notes when I travel. One thing I am pretty good at is ignoring my emails or messages because I really don’t want to have ordinary days when I travel, but the notes, don’t separate me with my notes.

I Have Never Shared A Room With A Stranger

I have solo traveled, stayed in hostels and at Airbnbs before, but I never ever shared a room with a stranger in my travels.

The last time I did that was when I was in Uni, with a girl named Tweety who could squeeze me to death from the bunk bed upstairs. And I don’t even want to experience anything near that ever again.

I don’t mind paying extra for the privacy but saying that, I wouldn’t mind sharing a place with strangers if at least one of my friends is there, just to get the experience.

I Constantly Crave For Asian Food

I claim to be a foodie, and I am open to trying new things when I travel. I have had eyebrow-raising food, and I am planning to eat my way everywhere I go, but I can’t go a week without Asian food — at minimum white rice and spicy chili.

Otherwise, I will be sad. Like depressed sad.

I experienced this the first time I went to Europe and had to beg my cousin sis to take me to a Chinese restaurant so I could eat some rice. I was on the brink of tears—it was not pretty.

I Need Bathroom Amnesties

When I travel, I am pretty particular about the toilet. I don’t mind sleeping in a small room or whatever, but I cannot do with dirty bathrooms. That is where I draw my line.

I Hardly Make Local Friends

I wish to make local friends at the places I travel to. I am curious to learn how the local live their lives. But most of the time I am either shy or just plain awkward or ignorant to put effort to make local friends.

I Don’t Travel For A Long Time

I have never traveled for more than a month in one go before.

When everyone at my age was busy taking the gap year and travelling somewhere, I too took a gap year, for 5 months. And you know how much I traveled in those 5 months? Merely 5 weeks. Budget was a constriction because I wasn’t working back then. And now that I am working, leave days have become so precious.

Do I want to travel for a year or more? Very much so! But I don’t think I can do it anytime soon. At least not in the next few years, when I am in the midst of adult-ing.


Travel Fails

Is there anyone who doesn’t experience travel fails? Of course not.

It’s just that most of the time I intentionally choose to write about the good experiences of my travels instead of the travel fails.

Today I am going to share my travel fails here in the hope that maybe you too can relate, perhaps we can bond and or you can learn something from it. Or maybe you can judge me for being travel-stupid.

Not Liking The Place I Traveled (Vietnam)

Unlike most of the places I deliberately choose to travel to, I chose Vietnam because it’s only a couple hours away from Singapore. Also, lots of people rave about it. There was never an intrinsic, cultural pull personally. I was slightly hoping I’d be pleasantly surprised once I arrived.

It didn’t.

I went with my cousins and had a good time with them there, but still, I was not too fond of Vietnam. Not even after sailing on the Mekong River. And after sipping Vietnamese drip coffee for three days in a row, I was so ready to go back.

Vietnam, I could have done without.

Some of my friends define Vietnam as the place to go while visiting South East Asia, kind of like how France is in Europe. There must be a base to it, might be because of the war stories, but it’s a generalization.

South-East Asia is much more than in Vietnam. It’s the potluck of Singapore, the richness of religious culture in Malaysia, the Hindu influence of Cambodia, and let’s not forget the lush rainforest of Borneo Indonesia.

From this experience I learn not to travel to a place that doesn’t “ping” me from inside. It might be an obvious choice for others, but if I am are not feeling it, I should keep my travel fare for some other places I am being called to visit.

Missed The Flight (Jakarta)

The flight was at 8:15 AM, and I reached the check-in counter by 6:50 AM. It’s not late, but this time everyone else had checked-in. Since I was late by a max of ten minutes (the check-in counter closed 90 mins before the departure), the check-in counter lady refused to check me in.

I tried to reason with her so much that I was on the brink of tears. Unfortunately, she wasn’t in the mood to show a single drop of compassion. I had to buy another ticket for a flight that left 45 minutes later than the first flight. When I passed by the waiting room at 8:20 AM, I could see my actual plane was still waiting to be boarded. Gah!

I wanted to hate that uptight Air Asia lady, but I stopped myself because at least I was still going on vacation.

From then onwards I have become one of those people who reach airport hours before the booking counter even opens. And I treat myself with a pre-holiday drinking inside on your free time, once I have checked-in.

Visa Denial aka Most Expensive Travel Fails (New Zealand)

My boarding pass was torn up in front of my very own eyes for not having a valid visa to layover for two hours in an airport in Australia before heading to our travel destination, New Zealand. Who knew that we needed a visa just to layover in the airport? I certainly didn’t. And to find out two hours before flying, it felt like a death sentence to my travel dreams. I went back fighting tears and dragging my luggage, which seemed to be heavier now than I was dragging it back home. Fafa cheered me up with coffee, and, later that night, booze. In the end, we managed to exchange it for a direct flight and reached Auckland two days later. Phew!

If you think I am going to conclude this part with a lesson learned is to check on layover visas, you are wrong (because of course, that one is obvious).

The lesson I learned is to have someone try to cheer you up when you are feeling super sad, someone who cares enough about your happiness to stay up all night to sort out the problem while you were passed out after drowning your sorrow in copious amonut of cider. It matters a lot, more than going to New Zealand itself.

Keep Losing Stuff (Japan)

I am not that good at keeping track of my things, especially the random ones. My mind works in an orderly manner and nothing else, which is why I have a travel checklist, and also why I always check my passport like 15 times before I reach the airport, but I misplace things.

I already made my peace in losing small things here and there while travelling, but the hard part is when I lose something precious or when I have the strong feeling that I have lost more things during my travel.

Among the things I have lost, the most memorable one was my first Kindle, which I went to so much trouble to get for myself for my birthday, years before Kindle was even a thing in Asia. I loved it with every fibre of my bookworm being, and I left it on the Delta Air Lines, flying back to Singapore from Japan.

I didn’t panic at first, as I was sure I would get it back. After calling and emailing Delta, and a few weeks of an unsatisfactory response, I came to terms with it.

My first eBook with 35+ self-help collections inside it was gone forever. I only hope that it made the person who took it into a better person after reading it. They have my self-help blessings.

Misplacing Passport (Netherlands)

My craziest moment of losing something was when I realized I couldn’t find my passport after I reached the immigration counter. I ran back to the arrival gate. Begged the stewardess to let me in because I thought I left my passport in the back of the aeroplane seat. Fortunately, she was kind enough to let me inside the flight again to collect my passport.

Retrospectively, it was a minor incident, but imagine if the flight had flown somewhere. I would be stuck in the airport, like Tom Hank in The Terminal.

Ever since, I always do a 4P check before leaving any plane. Passport, Phone, airPod and (travel) Pillow. Also, I stop keeping anything inside the back pocket of a plane seat.

What’s your most memorable travel fail?


Life Lessons

Travel pillow is a good investment. Also, you will lose your travel pillow. Buy it again.

Don’t buy, cook, eat any Mie Sedap brand instant noodle. Even when the picture on the packet or the new flavors looks good/spicy/mouth-watering.

Stretch daily.

Make sure you have a plan to celebrate your birthday the way you want to. Don’t count on others to make it special.

Your words carries magick.

Take an aspirin before you sleep after a drunk night. And maybe another one after you wake up.

Avoid chain-hotels — stay in Airbnb instead.

Onesie only looks cute in the pictures and while doing general shenanigans. Wearing it to sleep is hell.

Nurture a hobby or two.

Always say yes for long walks. Even alone.

Writing can be uncomfortable at times. That’s okay. Keep at it. Even when there is water dripping from your wet hair to your hand. Like right now. Keep at it. Finish the word. Finish the sentence. Finish the paragraph. Finish the draft. Stop only when the time you set for yourself is up.

Life is filled with easter eggs.

Writing Morning Pages can be a life-changing activity, whether you are a writer or not.

Taking a selfie with film camera is hard and most of time is a waste of the roll.

Wine on the flight, on the way to your holiday destination, is never worth it. On the other hand, drink copious amount of wine on your way back to ease the post-holiday pang.

Stop seeking approval from the people who you don’t respect.

Buy a good quality PJs. Or two. The best your money can buy.

Don’t be a decorative piece in someone else’s life story.

Read old journal entries to remember past high and lows because your memory is not that good. And at times you either take things for granted or forgive and forget too easily.

It is so much easier to go through life with a best friend. Or two, if you are lucky.

We are magic.


10 Things I Like About Myself

Happy Monday!

I took off today (hence the happy part of the earlier greeting) to read and write which I didn’t do until 11 AM because I was watching 73 Things You Missed in Final Destination 2 (2003) — adding zero value to my life.

Alas, I managed to muster enough discipline cells to close my laptop and turn on my Kindle to continue reading Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies.

One page in, the author gave a test:

Right now, write down then things you like about yourself.

Paragraph 1 Chapter 3 Part 2 of Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies: And Other Rituals to Fix Your Life, from Someone Who’s Been There by Tara Schuster.

She acknowledged that it could be a daunting challenge, but to do it anyway.

I decided to one-up her test by not only coming up with the ten things but also sharing it here with you. By which I am hoping you would indulge Tara and me by writing your version of the things you like about yourself. It matters not how many (three or ten) nor where (here, online or in your secret diary), try to write it as soon as you can without overthinking about it.

Here is mine:

  • I am good with directions.
  • and in Maths.
  • I strive to grow and keep learning.
  • I am pretty independent.
  • I am open-minded.
  • I am adaptable – a trait I build from migrating to Jakarta then Singapore then Melbourne.
  • I am curious by nature.
  • I enjoy my own company.
  • I can eat and enjoy food without an ounce of guilt.
  • I don’t care much about people’s opinion about me. Case in point: I am writing about ten things I like about myself on a Monday morning and share it on the internet.

Writing the above list reminded me of what Adrienne from Yoga’s Adrienne said in at least two of her videos that I watch the most:

“If I can do it on YouTube, so can you!”

— ditto me to you!

The Empress Tarot Moon Void Tarot

78 Tarot Memoir

Major Arcana

Minor Arcana



  • Ace of Cups
  • Two of Cups
  • Three of Cups
  • Four of Cups
  • Five of Cups
  • Six of Cups
  • Seven of Cups
  • Eight of Cups
  • Nine of Cups
  • Ten of Cups
  • Page of Cups
  • Knight of Cups
  • Queen of Cups
  • King of Cups