January 2021

January 2021

It’s almost midnight on the last day of the first month of the year on this part of the world.

Earlier today, I went to the market to get a bunch of sunflowers and a loaf of bread to celebrate Lammas (Harvest Festival) tomorrow, which coincidently is the first day back to the office after almost a year of WFH. I just spent a half-hour ironing my work clothes.

Ironing ━ that’s the one type of hell that I didn’t expect to resurface this fast.

Alas, I now done with prep-ing for tomorrow, which somewhat felt like the first day of school, and want to take some time to review and reflect the month that just past.

Let me start with with giving thanks for the highlights, which include welcoming the new year at the Echuca farm, clocking in 70km running distance, being served bed coffee daily and crossing 1000th post mark here.

This month, I have been enjoying the Aquarius season (except for that one Full Moon in Leo day) and deepening my tarot practice with journaling tarot prompts given by the Moon Void Tarot creator. I went to the Triennial exhibition at the NGV, which made me think about leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

I am also learning to respect the boundaries that I set for myself and others.

I discovered a few new things this month: Pamela Bakes Two Page (a second-hand bookstore in Fitzroy), Belle’s hot chicken wings, Njuda paste and Biryani Taco. All were good, except for the last one, some things don’t go well together.

The rest of the month has been filled with work, work and more work, Headspace meditation, impromptu yoga sesh with Adrienne, phone calls with parents, domestic thrillers (Confessions on the 7:45 and The Mother-in-Law), The Wildly Tarot Podcast and weekday TV-date nights (Come Dine With Me followed by Law and Order SVU) with Fafa.

I hope February will be with a smooth transition to another part of the new normal and more quality time with the loved ones ━ and I wish the same for you.

Alright guys, with that, let’s bid January goodbye with a jar filled with gratitude.



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