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Echuca Farm Stay Diary: Day 7

Happy New Year from a liminal space in Echuca!

Today is my last day in the farmhouse. Though I’d love to stay for much longer time (weeks if not months), I am grateful for the short time I had here.

I feel refresh, rejuvenated and recharged. Ready to conquer (no, not “slaying” my year anymore – from now onwards, I will be respectful of the new year) 2021.

I closed last year by eating 12 grapes and thanking the Universe all the good things and learning I got to experience in 2020.

Meanwhile, started 2021 by wishing Fafa and then my parents a happy new year, even though it’s just 8 PM of a different year on their time and went to sleep peacefully.

I woke up earlier to have one last breakfast made by Fafa at the farmhouse. Then I ran, meditated, fed the chickens, pulled the tarot card for the year (Ten of Swords) and did the new year tarot spread.

After writing this, the last part of my last farm stay diary series, I am going to pack and tidy up the farmhouse and bid goodbye the baby cows, the farm and the house before heading back to Melbourne.


3 thoughts on “Echuca Farm Stay Diary: Day 7

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