Growth Word of the year 2020 Dry Yellow Flowers

Looking Back At Growth

I chose Growth (Eight of Pentacles) to be my word of the year. Throughout the year, with Covid looming upon us, I have given up checking-in with the word. I kept thinking:

What’s the point?

But today, I got a reminder I set on my phone at the same time I chose the word in the beginning of last year. So I took a few minutes to reflect back, even if it’s a failure, surely I could learn a thing or two from it.

Turns out, I did grow a bit this year. So had my life.

This year I learned to cook at least 20 new dishes, passed my CPA exam, obtained my driving license, stepped into the managerial position at work, deepened my tarot practice, adjusted my expectations and goals due to Covid, started this blog, journal-ed, read more books than the past few years and achieved a few more things that matter to me.

For me, some of the things above were significant growths ━ but the most important growth for me was outgrowing parts of my old self and beliefs that I released and left behind.


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