Moon Void Tarot

New Tarot Deck Ritual

I have a set of rituals I do after I get a new tarot deck. Having recently acquired Stef, the Moon Void deck and going through it, I thought it’s a good idea to document it here.

My new tarot deck ritual starts with smoke-cleansing the deck. After that I go through the deck, by flipping the card one by one. That way, I get to familiarize myself with each of them while also picking of their overall vibes.

Then I set aside my deck-deciding cards before separating the deck into two piles purely based on the image. First pile is the cards I like, and the second one is the err… cards. Usually, the first pile is much fatter than the latter because obviously, I have done the research before getting the deck. Unless, of course, if it’s a gift.

I then put all the cards back together, do a proper shuffle and start with the obligatory tarot deck interview.

Finally, I let the deck rest and bond with the space, by putting them near a house plant and at least one more deck overnight.

I start using the deck after all the above steps. Usually, by doing a quick reading for myself first.


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