Goodbye Brown Box

I went through my to-do list today and saw “brown box” as one of the things to tick-off today. “brown box” has been in my to-do list for months now. Being rescheduled every time it shows up on the day’s agenda.

The reason?

I don’t know what “brown box” is.

I must have written it during one of the times I woke up fresh at random hours past midnight, unable to sleep again. Or as I refer it here as my 5 AM Thoughts nights.

I have rescheduled “brown box” too many times, hoping to coax my brain into recollecting what was it instead of giving up on it. Like in that one episode of Seinfeld, when Jerry woke in the middle of the night, noted down a joke for his stand-up but couldn’t read nor remember what was it the next day.

I decided to cross off “brown box” of my to-do list today. Hoping that since it has been months, I most probably won’t need a brown box nor brown book nor to borrow a box nor to bury a box anymore.

That’s it. You are released “brown box” β€”into the unknown.

I am not going to look at it and spend extra few seconds every time I see it to figure out what could it be.

You can relax now brain. I have given you extra space. But it might also mean I have given you extra room to load ten more things for me to try to figure out for months before I give up and delete it again from my to-do list.

Either way, your move, midnight-brain.


One thought on “Goodbye Brown Box

  1. Haha wow this is way too relatable as the queen of hasty note-forgerfulness. And every time I tell myself to make more extensive notes. Never do. And this same unwillingness to give up trying to remember happens. Good on you for letting go! πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ͺπŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

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