Yesterday, I found out about NaMeWriMo (no, not NaNoWriMo — the Me is for Memoir), and no convincing was needed because I decided on the spot, without much research, that I am going to do it. I am declaring it here so you can hold me accountable for it.

I have done daily writing before—even daily blogging (Blogtember circa 2014). But I have never published a memoir piece every day for a month. I know it’s going to be challenging. The writing and even more so the digging through the memory bank and sorting it through a cohesive thought process parts.

But I also know it’ll be rewarding if I commit to it. And it will support me to progress on my writing journey, which is great. I signed up for Write Your Memoir Month on Creative Non-Fiction to get the daily prompts and some inspo.

I am not sure I will stick with these prompts throughout the month, but hey, it will help direct me if and when I am stuck with memoir writer’s block.

I am very excited about doing this NaMeWriMo for the first time. I feel so grown-up, so writer-ey. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “NaMeWriMo

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