Stress, Sick, Unable to Sleep

It’s past 3 o’clock, and I am unable to sleep.

I can’t remember when was the last time I was awake this late. Not this month, when my bedtime is averaging at 8 PM.

Today though I have been in bed since 5 PM. Almost 12 hours ago. No, I didn’t stay late to binge-watch Netflix. I am feeling sick. It started with a sudden hit of f-etty f- migraine which paralyzed me. Thankfully it dissolved when I ate the overpriced mapo tofu I ordered for dinner. But by then, I was already running a fever. After passing out for half-hour around 9 PM while Fafa watched things on the iPad, I was fully awake.

So far, I have texted with my cousins for hours — reminiscing our travel tales and bitching about our extended family member. I also have listened to 3 full episodes of true crime podcasts.

I am so tired and ready to sleep. I have a busy day tomorrow, and I need the rest so badly.

I have counted one Mississippi two Mississippi while imagining cute sheep floating over the bed one by one. Nothing works.

My fever is going up. I just took another set of medicine; hopefully, I will sleep now. Or soon.


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