Writing Wish

Last year, on the plane back to Jakarta, I read an interview with a Malaysia based painter who said that he has been painting every day since he was much younger, before going back to doing whatever it was he was supposed to do for the day, including spending time with his friends and watching a sports game.

He paints every day — when he was falling in love, getting married, and having a baby.

He essentially lives an ordinary life, with an extraordinary commitment to painting; his passion, hobby or call it what you wish.

I was so inspired by this article.

I want to have the same dedication level as him. I too want to incorporate a dash of writing into my daily schedule, which will make this ordinary life uniquely mine and utterly satisfying.

Al, the photography teacher, once told me to treat my photography as a writing project. To find or even create a story worth writing, behind each picture I take. I think that’s when I started to find the joy in photography because it speaks in a language I understand: writing.

There are many life instances where things change from bad to acceptable, from a chore to a reflection, from mundane to interesting, from moments to memories when I have my writer’s brain on.

In short, I realized that writing makes my life better; so, on this new moon, I want to release my wish for writing.

I wish to keep writing every day. I wish to keep finding joy in it. And I wish to keep finding joy in other things by writing about it.

I wish writing to be a legacy of mine.

Do you have a passion or hobby in life that makes you want to spend the rest of your life doing? Be it pottery or poetry, If you don’t have one yet, try to find it. Experiment on it, discard the ones you no longer love, adopt the ones you think you might, and more importantly stick with the one that makes you happy. Show up.

Everyday and it will be your legacy.

Or to use my language, it will be your story.


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