Good, Better and Best

Zen-ish Japanese Breakfast

Good feeling is..

Sitting in a coffee shop on a Monday afternoon. Better if, you have a seat by the window, perfect for people watching. Best if, you do it while traveling.

Looking down at your perfectly pedicured feet. Better if, it’s in fun color.

Wearing sunnies. Better if, it makes you look quirky.

Wearing two piece bathing suit. Finally, not because you have lost weight, but because you are brave enough to do it. Better if, you feel comfortable in it.

Have your songs being played at a public place. Better if, you sway to it.

Being served your favorite dessert. Better if, you don’t have to share it with anyone. Best if, you eat it without an ounce of guilt feeling.

Wearing socks on cold days. Better if, wearing the softness bunny-eared ones on the plane.

Not having to wear paper underwear while traveling. Better if, you remember to pack enough quick-dry ones.


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