House Moving Tarot Reading

By Anna of Luna Wish Tarot

September – First 7 days: They show some real disappointment over the moving issue to date so it has most likely been a bit stressful. You want an ending to something and in the work area you are showing as a warrior, persevering but perhaps guarded – maybe a tough time. Four of Swords shows not much happening or you’ve taken a step back from a situation to think about it. Hierophant keeps coming up meaning following the rules, maybe things are rigid or boring but necessary but there is sadness or others are bothering you perhaps. Other meanings are teaching, learning, spiritual guidance- maybe that is how you get through. 

Week 2: Three of Pentacles would suggest that things start happening concerning buying a house. In the least you are looking at something? This shows co-operation with others to achieve your goal, often an agency or someone who is able to help you find a new home. The Knight of Swords reappears meaning things are stressful or full on but there is also a possible clash with someone here, unless it refers to a youthful air sign male such as Gemini. Some niggle or argument – is that work again. 

Week 3: Hmm, at worst there may be a touch of trickery over moving, someone may be concealing something about a home who appears in authority about it. You don’t want to find out something isn’t what it seems – check any contract with an agency or just do your research on any home you like, usual precautions. They are showing in Eight of Cups you turning away from something which ended up not being the oasis it appeared to be? You may instead be moving temporarily or going on a small journey. Or simply still seeking spiritual answers or going inside yourself. 

Week 4 Although there is frustration and delay as an overall picture, the Knight of Pentacles and Page of Pentacles suggests something going on with finances or work. It could be news coming in, an offer of some sort. The Knight could be a mortgage or financial adviser who can help you with this quest. He can be an accountant. If not the message is that you will get there although the path seems slow or dull just keep taking practical steps. 

Advice: Overall there are signs of progress but also a frustrating delay. If nothing much comes to pass November time shows expansion and you’re on the edge about to step forward somewhere; I would hope by the end of the year you’ll be making an offer on a new abode. Judgment tells me you are at a crossroads or soon will be at a turning point – it represents endings and beginnings for you so it would seem things are “moving” behind the scenes. Spring is mentioned so maybe by then it will be resolved.


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