Clarify My Daily Reading

The Eight of Wands jumped out when I shuffle the cards for my daily tarot reading today. The card, which can easily be crowned as the one with the most simplistic drawing in the classic Rider Waite Smith tarot deck, depicted literally by eight of wands all up in the air pointing to one direction.

I associate the Eight of Wands with travels, but obviously, it’s more than just about boarding the plane for a trip. The Eight of Wands is also an action, fast-moving, focus and remove all distractions card. But then, I wonder:

What action? Which direction to move fast to? What to focus on? and what kind of distractions are we talking about?

And that’s why I usually pull another card, a clarifying card whenever get the Eight of Wands in a single card reading, including during my daily drawing. This time I didn’t have to, there was already a card that jumped together with Eight of Wands earlier, which I put back because the Eight of Wands jumped out first (it’s Eight of Wands after all), it was the Two of Swords.

Ha! The Two of Swords is another card which I usually pull a clarifying card for. The irony of the clarifying card requires another clarifying card.


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