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I Don’t Do Selfie

Birthday Selfie

I don’t do selfie.

I realized it when I noticed that I haven’t changed my Whatsapp picture for more than a year.

Suddenly feeling the unnecessary urgency, I quickly scrolled through 38,874 pictures on my iPhone (thanks to the $2.99/month storage fee). I search by my name (thanks to Face Recognition feature) and I learned that: 

  • Most of my pictures have been taken by Fafa.
  • My selfies, the few and far between, were taken during mask-Thursday dates with my friends.
  • The rest were duck-face selfies that I am not particularly proud of.

I wonder why I don’t immerse myself in selfie culture?

Do I think I am not pretty enough? Do I think I don’t belong to the selfie-generation? Or worse, that I have self-actualized to selfie. 

Or what?

I think it’s just firstly I rather do other wasteful stuff. Including reading other people’s blogs and watching The Office rerun instead of taking a selfie. 

Also, taking a good selfie requires time and concentration and I don’t have much of that. 

Lastly, since I haven’t done many selfies, my selfie game has been way behind my friends. And that stopped me from “practicing”.

I rather smile at someone else or their camera than to smile at my own camera tilted with a 90-degree angle. 

I wonder whether the selfie culture will die down one day?

I wonder about the effect on me but again it feels like selfie and I exist in parallel worlds.

I see it and it sees me, but we don’t want to see each other through the pixelated camera hole. 

Do I regret not knowing how to selfie sooner? No, I guess. I don’t see the benefit of it for me.


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