Where Did My Day Go?

I was feeling a bit under the weather; I didn’t do much work today. I spent my day fixing my Finance in excel, and suddenly it’s 4 PM.

I was craving for coconut biscuit from Roma — after contemplating for some time of not going because I wasn’t well and whether it was with the $10.50 delivery fee — I went out in the cold for a walk and Indonesian groceries.

On the way, I noticed a few film camera rolls worthy shot like a lady who was working by the window with yellow lighting that makes the whole thing looked semi Scandinavian. But, she obviously could see me starring in her direction, so I chickened out. The second one was the neighbourhood laundry mat — this I regretted not just bitting the f-ing bullet and take a picture of it. I am sure they will think I am weird for only a split second, but I would have a lovely picture to look at, so I am going there tomorrow (going to pass — not going out to snap a photo of a laundromat — but I am not beneath that too).

I got my groceries and did some more things around the house, and suddenly it’s 9 PM. We watched an Indian TV thriller TV show starred by Abhishek Bachan, and suddenly it’s 11 PM.

I am tired. Earlier, I only managed to read 15 minutes. And I haven’t written anything, so I wrote this. I think tomorrow I will feel better. I hope so.


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