Today I didn’t do much work. I am slower than usual. I spent my day fixing some reports in excel. Suddenly it’s 4 o’clock and I am craving for coconut biscuit sold by Harvest, the Indonesian groceries in the neighbourhood.

After contemplating for some time whether it’s worth the $10.50 delivery fee for another hour and decided that it’s not, I went out in the cold for that biscuit.

On the way, I saw a couple of film camera-worthy shot like the lady who was working by the window with yellow lighting that made the whole thing look semi Scandinavian. But she obviously could see me starring at her direction so I chickened out.

The second one was the laundromat. This I regret for not just bitting the f-ing bullet and taking a picture of it. They would think I was being weird for only a split second but I would have a very satisfying picture to look at.

I am planning to take the same route again sometime soon. Once I finish the three packet biscuits I got. Maybe next time I will have the courage to stop and snap.

By the time I got back and small things around the house it was almost 10 o’clock. I watched an Indian TV thriller TV show starred by Abhishek Bachan and suddenly it was almost midnight.

I am tired. I haven’t read nor write. That’s why I am writing this to you. After this, I am going to read for like 15 minutes or so and retire to the bed.

I think tomorrow will be better. I hope so.


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