Rider Waite Tarot Spread

March Tarot Reading by Anna of Luna Wish Tarot

By Anna of Luna Wish Tarot AUD$10

Week 1Seven of Swords is suggestive of someone being emotionally distant, perhaps somebody around you or its on your part, for self-preservation. It can also mean, manipulative or sneaky behavior. It points to love life I feel here, as there is a man, King of Wands, with the traits of a zodiac fire sign e.g. Aries, bold and driven who is being difficult or simply not being warm. 

Week 2 – In general, you seem to be feeling content. I’m unclear on this relationship as you seem ok, but he might be holding back emotionally or financially. There is a Three around this with the High Priestess, she normally tells you are intuitive and know what to do, or something is hidden from someone. It could mean 3 involved, or a child. Expansion, control and temptation are mentioned, is he a tempting guy, naughty but nice. 

Week 3 – You won’t put up with any nonsense this week with reversed Queen of Swords. You are a warm, generous and grounded lady, but if someone crosses you, they will know about it. Two of Swords comes up a lot, meaning you could be stuck in the middle with a choice to make. Or someone closes off emotionally. They show a delay on his side, perhaps he goes quiet, which is frustrating if you wanted to balance or reconcile things.

Week 4 – You seem much more emotional content. On the one hand, you are shown to be self-sufficient, successful and to have worked hard to reap the rewards or home comforts, but there is a sense of really being in control. Two of Cups is a mutual attraction and the start of a relationship (or renewal) or a positive business partnership. They aren’t showing with who but if this is the King you may work things out. Either way, it’s a much nicer feeling this week. I just feel the whole picture is about control; you regain it. 

Advice: The Sun is a very optimistic card which indicates whatever this month brings, you ought to end up feeling joyous and happy and will have a successful outcome. It can refer to a child, or a child-like sense of freedom and content – overall a good conclusion. 


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