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Monthly Tarot Spread: March Reading

Happy March you guys!

I have been a little slow/late/lazy on recording my tarot journey last month. Though I have good reasons, I am planning to do better and dive deeper into my tarot learning this month, hence I did my first ever Monthly Tarot Spread. I created this inspired by the many monthly tarot spread choices on the net and I am more than happy for you to use it to do your own reading on for the month.

Monthly Tarot Spread

First line – Significator – My main vibe this month.

Second line – 3 mains events this month.

Third line – My life: Spirit, Health, Love, Finance and Career.

My March Monthly Tarot Spread

First line – Main vibe: King of Swords

Second line – Eight of Swords, Knight of Wands and Star

Third line – My life: Queen of Swords (Spirit), Eight of Wands (Health), Eight of Cups (Love), Justice (Finance) and Ten of Wands (Career).

My interpretation Monthly Tarot Spread

Main vibe:

King of Swords – authoritative and disciplined.

3 main events this month:

Eight of Swords – Breaking free from limiting beliefs.

Knight of Wands

Star – A wish coming true.


Queen of Swords – again, I am all about mind power this month.


Eight of Wands – energetic baby.


Eight of Cups – I am walking away from anything that doesn’t serve me in the future.




Ten of Wands – by the end of the month, I will be “killed” by work BUT I know that I am okay with it because it’s to reach my King of Wands position.

Main Themes

Suits: Swords and Wands.

Number: Eight.

Major Arcana: Star and Justice.

And Court cards.


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