The Lovers Moon Void Tarot

The Lovers Card in Tarot

Major Arcana Number 6

Image: naked couple, an angel appears under the sun above the cloud, snake on the apple tree beside the woman tree with fire beside the man, a mountain in the background. The first thing I noticed about Lovers card is the naked woman. The angle with the sun as his Hello is interesting as well.

Traits: Partnerships, love, passion, union

Elements: Fire and Earth

Events: Marriage, Date, Deal

Vibes: It’s a positive card.

Me and the card: I like Lovers Tarot card. The last time I drew the Lovers Tarot card I received a job offer.

Today: I am meeting my friend for dinner tonight. Maybe the card is representing it? Or that I have been thinking about my partner right before I drew the card. Maybe that energy matched and picked the card?


5 thoughts on “The Lovers Card in Tarot

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