Missing A Card From My Tarot Deck

Yesterday, while doing learning tarot (by looking at the card and memorizing a few keywords), I realized that I was missing Ten of Swords.

First though was: “Eh, not a bad card from vanishing from my Universe”. But then, I know I need it, to complete my tarot deck, to complete my tarot learning and to complete my Universe. And that sent me into a rabbit hole tarot forum, asking and searching for the answer for what to do when I miss a card from the tarot deck.

There are a few suggestions

Some say, it’s okay. It’s a sign from the Universe. To just to go along with the tarot journey with the incomplete card. On the opposite side, some suggest to retire the deck and use another one that I already have or buy a new one of the same deck. Then there are others who suggest to reach out to the deck maker and ask for a replacement card.

What do you think I should do?


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