Notebook Coffee Cafe

A Day in Tokyo

We had the most beautiful breakfast containing 18 delicious dishes at Tsumugi, Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple’s cafe. We then went inside the temple and said a little prayer. Since it’s near the Tsukiji Fish Market, we went there and spent some time there. Me, snapping some picture on my film camera and Fafa hunting for the next snacks to munch. We then had Indian food at Nair, where the famous Indian actor Mohan Lal had a meal before.

After that, we went to Starbucks Reverse to have coffee (Fafa) and write (me). Once done, we decided to walk to Ginza as I wanted to go to Itoya. After roaming the five stories stationaries store, a short visit to Kinokuniya and almost buying an MCM backpack, we settled for Tebasaki chicken dinner. We dropped my film camera rolls to be developed at BIC and went back to the hotel for some R&R.


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