Manila International Airport is Boring

I am in the Philippines waiting for our flight to Haneda in another two hours and let me tell you, Manila International Airport is hella boring!

So far I had brownies crips, not so mini almond croissant, and a sad hot tea from the only one food stall that accepts credit card.

And there is no bookstore! That’s just utterly wrong. Even the plain Melbourne airport has two bookstores. speaking of Melbourne airport.

This airport also doesn’t have a bar. How do you spend time here without beer or books?

That’s three strikes for me.

Fafa, on the other hand, didn’t need three. The minute we landed, he told me we are never going through Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport ever again when we travel.

You would think of us, fellow third-world countries people would have a better understanding of the airport. But by God, even some of our not-capital-city airports are better than this.

I have been eyeing their local snacks though. Many look so interesting that I am curious to try some.

The flight from Melbourne to here has been uneventful except for the nauseating last half-hour because of the gloomy cloudy weather. I managed to sleep most of the flight because I didn’t sleep much the night before. and I also half-read and finished the Train Man book. The book is bad. I will write more about it soon.

Ps. Toilet is clean.


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