Traditional Japanese Dolls To Buy As Souvenir


Daruma Doll is considered as one of the most popular good luck charms in Japanese culture. And similar to Mount Fuji, it is also one of the Japanese many Kami.


Teru Teru Bozu

Teru Teru Bozu, also known as the sunshine doll, is a traditional icon of Japanese culture believed to have the ability to control the weather. Its’ name derives from Teru which means shiny and Bozu which monk. It reminds me of Jizo, the protector of children and travelers in Japanese culture.

Maneki Neko


Sarubobo means happy monkey baby. In Japanese culture, there is an old tradition of the mothers making this Sarubobo doll and giving it to their children to ensure their good health and happiness. Sarubobo is a mascot of Takayama. I obviously bought a few as an omiyage for my loved ones back home — but I kept one for myself. It has been hanging out in our study room back in our Melbourne apartment ever since.



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