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Un-grounded in Singapore

It is nearing midnight, and I just drew the card for the day from my trust Golden Rider Waite Smith tarot deck. My question:

“What was the theme of the day?”

The Tower

Ha! It’s pretty f-ing clear.

I have been in Singapore for 24 hours now. I have many plans, people to meet, food to eat places to visit. In other words, I have so many things in my mind, which is pretty usual when I travel to places I considered “home”. I have been exposed to too much stimulation. At the same times, I didn’t practice any routines and rituals. I feel un-grounded.

My energy, vibes and everything else feels scattered.

Thankfully this time I did the same thing and booked myself a hotel room (second time around in Hotel G) so I can get some me-time. I am trying to think when was the last time I checked in the hotel to chill and have me-time? The last time maybe was five years ago.

Oh wow, it has been that long!

I so deserve this. I deserve this time in Singapore to rest and recharge ━ mentally.


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