Herbal Tarot Deck

Another plant-based tarot deck.

This was the deck that I almost rebelled and bought when we were required to bring the classic Rider Waite Smith (RWS) tarot deck to the tarot class, but I ended up getting a normal, sober, mini-sized RWS deck instead.

I am so into the Herbal Tarot deck due to the element of Earth, with trees and herbs being the center of each card image.

Ever since I started collecting indoor house plants and practicing grounding meditation regularly, I have become more curious about Herbalism.

Also, herbs are connected to essential oils which is something I use on a daily basis too.

The deck and the guidebook have the potential to make us Biology-textbook-smart as an awesome side effect.

What I don’t like about the deck is that it’s too similar to the RWS deck. Also, the colors are pretty old school, not popping enough for my taste.

Strength card: It is amusing to see the Cayenne Pepper decipher as the strength symbol on the card. Well, the pepper has a strong taste indeed, the kind I like. I also like the hidden symbols of infinity on her hat. Meanwhile, I truly despise the Devil card from this Herbal Tarot deck.


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