The English Bookshop in Stockholm

While waiting for my friend Jena to turn up for our dinner date in Stockholm, I roamed around the Södermannag neighbourhood all myself by while the girls rested in the hotel.

A couple of random turns from the main street, to my delight, I stumbled upon The English Bookshop. After confirming with Jena on her ETA, I took a deep breath, turned the door handle, and went inside.

The English Bookshop is a quaint title bookstore. It’s made of two rooms, separated by walls and connected with a hole where a door used to be. Maybe it used to be a residential house?

The lighting and decoration were hyggelig, I thought, as I planned to bring Jik there the next day.

The collection of books pretty extensive, from Scandinavian cooking books to Social Justice. I could feel myself getting recharged just by being there.

Indie bookstore is my amethyst.

The English Bookshop in Stockholm reminded me of The Paperback Bookstore we have back in Melbourne Equally small, thought this one was airier. From the constant conversation between the store clerk/owner and the people who came into the store, I assumed it’s a local favorite.

I ended up spending more time than I set for myself and making me late for my appointment with Jena. When I realized it, I quickly made a beeline to the cashier while forcing myself not to buy the super cute Harry Potter totes used to decorate the bookstore. After paying for the three books, I picked up — Swedish Traditions, Scandinavian Culture, and Don’t Be A Nordic — I bid the bookstore goodbye and made me why to the train station where I’d be meeting Jena.

Whenever I reminiscence back on my Scandinavia trip, Sweden moments topped it, with the English Bookshop being one of it. I am sure I will visit again and again in the future.


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