Happy Birthday Formula

  • Have a solid plan for the day
  • Day off from work
  • Spend some time to pray and tune-in on spirituality
  • Travel — or have a plan to travel or just came back from travel. Travel must be included in the whole birthday saga
  • Tarot – get a birthday tarot reading and gift myself a new deck
  • Wear a new dress and look nice — go to saloon for hair do
  • Finish a fresh film camera roll
  • Get your mani pedi hair done day before
  • Celebrate it with my loved ones — Fafa, friends and family — spend time only with people I truly love.
  • Food – let there be cake, alcohol and good seafood
  • Book a spa day before or after birthday to honour my birthday
  • Bookstore! And some reading
  • A dash of journaling
  • And coffeeshop
  • Do something new/experience something new.
  • Limit people interaction — me time is a must.
  • Limit phone/technology and mainly social media — other than parents. The rest can wait.
  • nature and walking
  • Be witchy/get something witchy
  • Lots of laugh, loving’ and happy memories
  • Make a list of everything I like about myself
  • Staycation if u can’t do anything else because break from the routine is a MUST

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