Sunday with Sumiko in India

I made a goal to read a book once a month, such a small goal for someone who buys like it’s an uncontrollable addiction.

This month I read Sunday with Sumiko. Sumiko is a 20 years Straits Times writer.

I picked the book in the Changi airport bookstore because I loved Ignatius Low’s Life Is A Mix Tape and I yearned for glimpses of Singapore that I have missing so much. Also, she is Japanese — an added bonus in my mind. Lastly, when I flipped through her book, I saw Koyasan as a topic, it made parting with SGD28 for the book was worthy.

I started and finished Sunday with Sumiko this week — during the trip to Kerala India to visit the in-laws.

Sumiko writes really well and debuts as Singapore own Carried Bradshaw she shares things that I associate with.

The book is definitely worth the read. It’s utterly relatable. Except for the part when she said she checked her husband’s phone. That part made me raise my eyebrow. Maybe because I grew up in a household where privacy matters a lot.


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