A Reset Day in Osaka

After having a low-ball day yesterday, we decided to start our reset day in Osaka with MOS Burger breakfast. I have been a fan of MOS Burger ever since my Singapore days. And I always order the same thing in any MOS Burger, from Gold Coast to Osaka: Yakiniku rice burger. It’s the best!

With our tummy full, we went to Tsutaya Starbucks.

Fafa wanted to drink matcha latte, meanwhile I had a few postcards to be written.

We then went to Grand Front Osaka and hand a very delicious izakaya-style lunch and got pretty drunk with sake. We then went to Kinokuniya in the same building, disappointingly it had no English language books.

Tired, we had a pit stop at Nana Cafe.

On the way back to hotel, we got our white strawberries cake each. After resting for a while, we went to Ichiran Ramen chain in Namba for dinner.

Our last stop for the day was Life Convenient Store to stock up on various Japanese snacks.


6 thoughts on “A Reset Day in Osaka

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