A Day in Nagano Japan

After having the hotel breakfast, we headed to Karuizawa. The initial plan was to go to Takasaki, but it’s too far for a day trip, especially in a bloody cold day like today. In Karuizawa we roamed around the beautiful Christmas village before heading back to Nagano where we had late lunch of delicious soba.

We then took a nap in the hotel and headed down to the town in the evening.

On the way to the Zenko-ji temple, we stopped for coffee for Fafa and Miso ice-cream for me.

I found the temple chop book in the temple shop. I got so excited about it and immediately bought one for myself and contemplated to get another one or two for my friends but I decided against forcing my passions unto my friends. I also picked a luck paper in exchange of 100 Yen and bought a miniature of Zenko-ji temple protector God.

On our way back, we stopped at a Gyu-Kaku chain restaurant. Unfortunately, they allow smoking here, and it bothered us a bit.


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