Oh Singapore Stop Ignoring Me

I have been in Singapore for almost a day now, and I realized that I don’t miss it as much as I thought I did. I could tolerate the humidity and heat. Even though after some time, it felt like having an electric blanket covering me all the time. But I didn’t miss the food as much as I thought I would. There was no ahhhh moment of eating things today.

Lunch was at Gandhi’s which of course is delicious, but Melbourne has spoiled me with excellent service and a good standard that eating by the toilet on a slippery floor while the staffs kept ignoring you nor making any effort to acknowledge you felt not worth it. Same goes at the Anandha Bhavan, my favourite place to get Appam dessert in Little India.

I feel a bit unappreciated by Singapore. The no feeling, no enjoyment, no appreciate felt loudly empty, politely abusive and softly killing. Gah!! I spent the day going to the bank, then to the temple and then went shopping for my wedding saree, before spending more than an hour in a gold shop, of course, being ignored by the staff there.


One thought on “Oh Singapore Stop Ignoring Me

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