The Last 15 Minutes Of My Birthday

It’s my birthday.

Well, the last fifteen minutes of my birthday day. I thought journaling would be best to spend the last minutes of it. It’s also one of my birthday to-dos.

It has been a great birthday day.

I had a birthday tarot reading portraying a great year ahead with the essential message is to follow my intuition this year. Then I got myself a Herbal Tarot deck for myself (another birthday tradition), a Guatemalan worry doll and travel and good fortune crystal from Spellbox.

I then met Fafa at the Emporium, and we drove to Glenferrie to have Indonesian lunch at Nelayan. He got me ice cream from Picolla, and then we spent a lot of time at the Readings bookstore.

I bought the book “A Year in Paris” – as I wish to replicate it with “A Year in Japan” one day. Then we went drinking at Zhou Zhou, and I got myself a bangle from Gorman. I went home and took a nap (best birthday) and went to Maha for our six-course meal date night. It was good, but not satisfactory enough to come back for the amount of money.

Back home, I showered, watched Jack Ryan TV show and ate my Ferrero Rocher birthday cake Fafa got me for my birthday celebration at 12.07 AM today. He also got me to Apple watch strap in red colour which I am still wearing until now.

Overall it’s one of the best birthdays. I wish I have many more fun birthdays like today.


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