No Meal – Garuda – Jakarta to Bali to Melbourne

I am on the plane. They are serving food, but I plan to skip it because I had bakwan udang earlier at the airport, I want to eat at Warung Made in Bali, the book I am currently reading teaches to be full only 80% of the time.

Japonism is a book I almost bought a few weeks ago and didn’t. But eventually caved and bought in the airport earlier. It’s such a treat. It inspires me to appreciate life more, being more mindful, and purge the heck out of my mind and physical stuff. Oh well, slowly I guess.

What’s not great is neglecting writing for 3 days and feeling not good about it. I really have to have the 15 mins rule where I stick to the things I wish to accomplish. Writing being one of of them. There is a part of me that’s dying to write on the blog. So much! I am ready to jump! Well, I guess I will! What I will do is post revamp old blog posts once a week and write and post new blog posts twice a month. That’s 6 posts a month. Seems pretty doable right? I will do it every Monday Ha! That’s at least 72 posts from now till next year, with at least 24 new ones. This could my 34yo resolutions. Wait maybe I want to make it even crazier and post 34 new posts? Oh yeah! That’s soon! Okay, I have written for 10mins. Write again soon. Hopefully, this strategy works.

I went to Jakarta for Amma’s birthday. It was successful. We had two cakes and Appa came down to feed her and take some pics. I would like to think it’s a memorable birthday for her too. I hope so. We had such a great time. I am forever grateful that we had at this moment.


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