Tarot Journey The Calling, The Connection And The Story Behind It

I came across the Rider Waite Complete Tarot Guide Book, back in January, while choosing books to be lent to my friend who’s going through some personal stuff. Based on my own inscription on the first page, I bought it at Singapore Kinokuniya more than 4 years ago.The book served as proof that my interest in tarot isn’t due to the current trend. I was already intrigued by it for some time; unfortunately, the book didn’t make an impression on me then. Also, I didn’t own a deck back then, which made it harder to learn from. It’s like watching a foreign movie. It might be telling a story, but I just didn’t get it.My interest in it reignited when I got a professional tarot reading early last year. Around the same time, I started listening to the Biddy Tarot podcast. At first, I was hooked by her shooting motherly voice. The podcast is usually short enough to keep me company in the morning when I am dressing up before going to work. It calms the morning madness down and cocoons me. Soon it became a part of my morning routine.


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