Kovfefed Monthly Digest – Jan 18

Happy New Year, you guys! I made myself experience more things and somewhat record it to ensure this year doesn’t fly like the years before. The result is summarized in this random, long, hopefully, readable life recap. I contemplated breaking it into two parts but decided to stick with the ongoing theme. Buckle up and enjoy!

Kovfefed Monthly Digest series was inspired by reading the life happenings of others on the internet. Having always found it interesting, I started my version of a monthly recap. These are the highlights and life happenings of my life in the past 30 days. Hope you find something entertaining, informative, or at the least amusing here. 

Highlights and Happenings

I am writing this accompanied by the rare super blue blood moon. It’s magically gorgeous, you guys! As a Lunar Kutti, I feel so grateful to see and interact with it from our balcony. I also made a full-moon wish, here’s hoping that it will come true super soon 🙂

Spending the new year in Japan was another highlight of the month, but as much as I love being away, the best part of traveling still is to come back to a blissful home.

We went to Ballarat as the first of the 12 road trips we wish to clock in this year. It was nice, though not our favorite road trip. I discovered the trifecta of Australia road trips during this trip, which I will share on this blog next week. So stay tuned!

The triple date with Manda, Sumit, and our partners went smoothly. We ate a new variety of delicious food at the Black Toro and got to know each other better. Must do this kind of thing more often!

Last week, I went to Jakarta, with a stopover in Singapore, to attend my cousin’s engagement party. I had a lovely time, packed with gatherings, eating, and shopping. I also got to eat one of my favorite tropical fruits, rambutan. Gratitude-o-meter filled to the brim.

I took sick leave from work to recover from the year and weather change on the 8th, which happened to be the birthday of my split personality, Yoges. Yeah, I know; I owe you a huge explanation about this and him. Someday I will. Other than that, the work pace is picking up fast. I am finally busy, but not as busy as before, where I couldn’t breathe. It’s more like creating valuable outputs during the day and reaching home to cook dinner somewhat busy. I hope it stays this way.

My Brazilian-work-cousin, Pedro, will be on annual leave, which means there will be no long-lunches and morbid conversations for the whole month of February. On the upside, this means I will able to save money on morning coffee. Also, Mama Kween packed a month’s worth of meal in my luggage. I plan to use the saved money to get the numinous tarot deck, something I have been eyeing since last year.

Kitchen update: I tried and failed at cooking my first South Indian dish, a super easy and simple spiced soup called Rassam. I forgot to put onion, which is one of the main ingredients of South Indian dishes! Instead, I put too much water, too many black seeds, and cooked it for too long. Ugh! Let me try again on one of the cold Summer nights (yeah, Melbourne has cold days during its’ Summer).

This month I learned that preparation is the key; pushing myself to step outside of my lazy-comfort-zone gives a healthy inner glow and that the more I do things I enjoy, the more fulfilled my life feels.

New and Loving

I have been a fan of Connie Wang from the first time I read her post online. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a personal website; hence I couldn’t follow her as my heart’s wish. Recently I stumbled upon another great post of hers on Cup of Joe titled My Beauty Uniform; ever since, I started to follow/obsessively stalk her on Instagram. Still, on Instagram, the most liked Kulture Kween’s IG of the month is a shot of frozen iced overlooking Chuzenji lake, Nikko, Japan.

Eric Kim’s post about photography new year resolutions inspired me to pick up the camera again. I went to a photo-walk on a Sunday, made new friends, snapped different angled pictures, and immensely enjoyed myself. Remind me again, why did I stop doing it last year? I plan to do all the assignments stated on the post throughout this year. Maybe I will blog about it too.

A colleague introduced me to a whole new world called Magic The Gathering, and I am super intrigued. Do you play? Please teach me the basics!

I did a major cleaning and tidied up the South-East/money corner of our apartment. I believe Fengshui wise had affected our finances badly, as I couldn’t phantom receiving another credit card bill twice as much as my paycheck! Gah!As the first step of abundant living and after being pushed many times by Amanda, I started tracking my expenses this month. In the beginning, the revelation was pretty gruesome, but it made me treat my finances better. My big purchases this month were an Indonesian origin pearls strand other than flight tickets, which I have wanted for years, a Gorman dress which I wore for the engagement party, and a bunch of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty products that stayed on the whole day.


Currently, I am reading The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk (inspired by Amirtha’s post), The Immortalists (It was a creation of my thoughts), and Moshi Moshi (I am a  fan of Banana Yoshimoto).

I read but didn’t love Yoko Ogawa’s The Housekeeper and The Professor, though I appreciate the story’s tenderness, maybe because I couldn’t really relate to it. Back in Jakarta, I finished How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits, which I bought during the peak of my Francophile era years back. I paused reading The Girl Who Lived as that girl became too whiny, but I will finish it because, after all, I need to know who killed her sister.

Another fave from Instagram this month: Bianca Sparacino and her poems. Oh, sweet lord, what a self-love powerhouse! I downloaded her book, Seeds Planted In Concrete, yesterday and am waiting for the weekend to savor it. Another book I am keen to read is The Perfect Nanny, but it shall wait.


I watched Top Of The Lake China Girl instead of sleeping on the plane from Tokyo. It’s a murder mystery highlighting a usually overlooked social problem, peppered with blossoming friendships, flawed, but strong layered characters, especially the female lead, Elisabeth Moss. Also, Nicole Kidman, as a middle-aged mother, looked utterly gorgeous in the show. I highly recommend it, you guys! I also tried to watch Wolf Creek, recommended by Fafa’s hairdresser, but there weren’t enough murders and too much cowboy stuff, so I left it halfway.

Fafa and I started watching Somebody Feed Phil recently. Phil is so adorable! I appreciate the way he enjoys food from different parts of the world, so much so that I  want to adopt him as my stepfather. Also, the show makes me want to visit Portugal. Another TV show we watch together as a part of our couple’s activities is The Good Doctor. I like it, but not as much as Fafa does.

I am making an effort to leave comments on the blogs I loved and read regularly. I figured it’s time to establish bloggers’ connections and show them that they have a fan-girl out there. I also worked on publishing several old blog posts. I must say, compared to 2008, grammar and writings have improved.

I have several podcast recommendations this month, mainly true crime ones, but instead of writing it here, I will share it as a part of 2 true-crime podcast post.

Thank You, Next!

As mentioned earlier, I realized that the more I do things, the happier I become instead of lazing around. So I packed my February with more activities. 

I took up the #100HappyDays challenge and promised to reward myself with something relevant after I successfully post happy pictures on Instagram every day for 100 days. You can follow my IG to hold me accountable, or better yet, why not join me? I will update the Day One Journal app daily, even if it’s just a picture and a sentence. I also joined a book club with a monthly meeting schedule near the office.

I plan to incorporate yoga at home into my weekend schedule. I have bought the mat, the spray, the pants, and downloaded the app, #basicbitch. I need to stick with it and occasionally boast my effort to Vi, who inspired me to take up yoga this year.

Lastly, in honor of Valentine, I vow to wear lipstick daily this month.

Speaking of Vi, next week, I will be meeting her and her mom here in Melbourne. On the same weekend, I am throwing a Galentine party in our apartment. This time I invited the Tree of Trust sisters.

The week after that, we are celebrating Valentine, you guys! I plan to treat Fafa to a nice dinner at a restaurant of my choice, which I believe he will enjoy, on a day close to Valentine. That way, he doesn’t need to think or plan or do anything on Valentine for a change. Let’s see how does he feel about it when he reads this.

Over Valentine’s weekend, I will be on the plane from Melbourne to Singapore to Chennai to Goa to attend my gorgeous cousin’s wedding. Two days later, I will be taking the same routes to come back to Melbourne. I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself?!! I can already imagine operating in a low bandwidth mind-groundless soul-dead tired body when I go straight from work after the damn long flight. Exactly how I felt last Tuesday when I came straight to the office, with big luggage in tow, after a stopover in Sydney accompanied by a canceled flight.

For now, I shall focus on the happy wedding and spending quality time (cue cousins sleepover party) in Goa.


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