Kovfefed Kurated – Jan 18

Virtual super enthusiastic waves to a fellow Boss drinker, Ken. A self-proclaimed womanizer gaijin, Ken is the blogger behind Japanese Rule Of 7. For a while, I have been following him, thanks to Bloglovin’, but his latest post, Sunday in Japan, made me read through every article on the 27 pages blog. Another blog that I am currently binge-reading is Austin Kleon‘s. Once done, the next blog-binge-read will be Seth Godin‘s. Do you follow them?

This month, I wrote about my Japan fever, wish-granting Daruma doll and the magical memories of January 26, including the one which happened this year; the most expensive meal I have paid for and bubble tea and my friendship with Amanda; I spent my Sunday thinking whether I am wasting it? I also wrote about my road trip to Wangaratta and Kiwirail. I didn’t write many new posts this month. Even though I want to say that’s because I have been busy living life, the truth is I have to manage my time better.

A few favorite articles: It maybe 31 days late to welcome, celebrate, and honor the new year, but I love all the ideas and believe it’s still applicable at any time of the year. Even more so now in honor of the blood moon. Some creative ideas to support an author other than buying their book. I think we all can relate to the lasting mental torture of a lost job. As a gym newbie, I truly appreciate the value of short Audiobooks.


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