17 Things in 2017

It turned out, despite being quite a downer year, I have a lot of things to be grateful for in 2017.

These are 17 things I am grateful for in 2017:

  • Discovering True Crime podcasts and my love and addiction for it.
  • The surfer guy in Sunshine Coast who saved our lives. I didn’t get his name, but he will forever be on my gratitude list.
  • Text from Pedro saying “You deserve more than this” on my shittiest day. 
  • All the kind gestures and words, including compliments. However small. Please keep it coming Universe!
  • My cousin who mixed me a drink the minute she saw tears in my eyes. I have the best sisters!
  • And best friends! Reliving Wala Wala night with my best friends.
  • Being extremely contented and incredibly happy on my birthday week. My 2017 birthday week was the happiest point of my life filled with Tazi trip and Jik’s visit. Too bad the high was smashed soon after with an unexpected depression. 
  • Moving to a new department at work, which came with an admirable manager and leaving work on-time. I have a life after work now!
  • When Fafa offered to buy me another ticket to come back to Melbourne a day earlier during my depression period above, I was so touched that it made me cry even more that day.
  • Utilizing various kitchenware. I am an adult now!
  • Experiencing Sakura with Fafa and Uluru with Jik. Both were magical moments!
  • Choosing myself and slowly healing. It’s still work in progress but I got me!
  • Witches, friends and the covenant.
  • Every single trip I took this year, impromptu or otherwise.
  • Hyggelig moments at the apartment, which we turned into a home.
  • Crossing things off of my Wanderlist.
  • Even though this took a little longer than I expected, I finally feel at home in Melbourne.

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