SQ – Singapore to Melbourne

Going back was a hard thing. I kept gulping, knowing that it won’t be easy to see them all together in the same place. Thank God I was still nursing a hangover and was too tired trying the act like my 20s in my 30s. I tried to sleep on the flight back but the lady beside me kept judging my tv choice: sex scene in STAC, the sex scene in GIRLS, and sex scenes in Insecure.

Do you know when they say your friends are the family that you choose? In my case, it’s kind of true.

Someone told me once that I don’t have many friends, and I agree. I can easily count the friends who know the real me, the ones who have seen me crying over crazy shit, someone who I can message in the middle of the night with my deepest insecurities. I don’t have many of them, but I would travel halfway across the world for them.


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