Diary, Travel

Wala Wala

When I came to Singapore, I told the girls I had one request, that we have a drink at Wala Wala. It’s a bar on the east side of the town, which we frequented when we were students. The four of us went there on Saturday night.

I couldn’t remember whether we had been here, all four of us, any other time before. I mean, I am sure three of them had, and so had the three of us, but never the four of us. We started with the usual, pale ale and Hoegaarden, and waited for Sheryl with the expectation they’d make the night. And they did! As you know, even though I don’t like music, in general, I do have a thing for live music, but if there is one moment that cemented my love for live music in the bar, Shirlyn and the unexpected was it. The drunker I became the more I hallucinated about inviting them to my wedding. But what would they sing? I can’t imagine them creeping all the oldies into heart attacks. I sipped more Hoegaarden and started taking a hundred pics of Shirley out of love. Oh wow. I love her.

My cousin came for a while with her fiancé to say hi. It’s nice to see them!

I’d barely finished my two bottles of beer before I felt super-duper drunk. Is that what happens if you haven’t had Hoegaarden for a while?


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