Singapore Weekend

We hung out at Blue Jazz and started with our wines and talks. I can’t remember the last time we did that. I mean all of us with wine, there had been coffee dates with four of us all together in one place, usually Fia. But with wine and all four of us? I think the last time was gluhwein at Christmas dinner at her place years ago.

We started discussing the latest dating adventure which was extremely weird. Then things got escalated to wee-wees and sex. The thing is, I think we were loud and so within our bubble that we ignored the babies and families who came and went beside us. Oops!

I miss them so much! And it was so great to meet them! We went back at midnight. We were drunk, but Charles, the designated driver who came to pick us up, wasn’t. He weighed in on the said situation, and we left a voice message to Fafa to get his opinion as well.

We reached home, and I gave them the banana PJ uniform. We decided to open the wine after I asked for his permission and didn’t get any reply. Vi and I continued the conversation to the wee hours while Fia went back to her place and Yin slept on me.


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