Diary, Travel


I woke up early, too early even—like 3 hours of sleep, but I felt fine. While waiting for them to wake up, I roamed around Vi’s house. Their house really represents themselves, filled with their knickknacks and warmth. Vi woke up and made coffee, and Charles and I started our discussion about freezing ourselves in the future. When Vi refused to do it, he matter-of-factly said he might need to kill her, and I was like “oh okay, noted.” This is how it is then, Vi.

We had yum cha (thank Lord – I missed Singapore food), picked up Fia, and told them the things I never shared with anyone. Lately, I think there are no stories worth bringing to the grave; also, Lena Dunham inspires me with all her weird shit including shining sun into her vajajay.

After yum cha, we went to a coffee shop in a place I never thought there would be one, and we spent the rainy afternoon there talking about parents, crazy relatives, and crazy friends. Fia shared a story about her dad which I again couldn’t forget.

She said that he said that a man needs to serve a purpose in society throughout his life because if one ceases the purpose of being helpful to society, there is no point in living. Jesus, this is crazy, you might think, but this is the same man who said that if you love your parents 10% as much as you love your kids, your parents are very lucky. I have high respect for this guy.


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