September 2017

I am starting this month in Tazi! We haven’t done much planning for this trip, thought of winging it with lots of wine drinking and cheese-eating.

September is my birthday month. As you know, I am pretty big on birthdays. I look forward to turning as many days as possible into another reason to celebrate. I have written down my birthday wish list and ongoing traditions. I also have prepared a birthday box where I plan to put happy things, including love and thank you notes and wishes for the time ahead.

In the mid-month, I am going to Jakarta, to meet the family; and later to Singapore, to hang out with my best friends and relive Singapore expat memories for a couple of days.

September agenda will also be sprinkled by Jik’s visit, meeting Che, a chakra balancing session as a birthday gift to myself, spring equinox gathering, and meditation classes.

Coconut oil finally seeped its way into my life. I plan to use it for as many things as the internet advises me before being grossed out by it.


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