Please, Not Another Travel Blog!

This is the 9th year I have been unofficially and inconsistently blogging, with a big chunk of it keeping a travel blog.

Before I type this post, I asked myself, again..

Do I really want to do this for another year, to tie the final bow to a decade long blogging life?

Do I really love writing that much?

Don’t I prefer to turn the volume up on the now muted Criminal Minds and try to solve the case together with Penelope Garcia instead?

The answer was yes and yes, but after I write on my blog.

Yes, I like having an active and semi hobby. L

ike I am creating something; or making magic, to borrow from Elizabeth Gilbert, instead of reliving TV dramas in my mind during mindless social times.

I have a dream to one day make a book out of this blog and maybe read it to my offspring so they know that I was a cool blogger once. Or at least I thought I was one.

At the same time, no, I can’t even think about writing another 10 best cities in South East Asia nor 4 best coffee shops in Bali type of posts.

I have done and enjoyed writing it in the past, but now I have lost interest in it.

I don’t want to maintain an informative travel blog anymore. Instead, I want it to be a personal travel blog, emphasize on personal, not the travel blog portion.

So yeah, do expect all sorts of things written from now onwards. From neighbors watch to bookstores visits. Some old topics are here to stay like my obsession with Japan and airplane food review.

I do hope you stay subscribed. I want us to have come-for-the-tale-stay-for-the-crazy kinda bond.

I wrote the above post yesterday, but I wasn’t sure about hitting the publish button, because what if this is just me having my moment and I should just keep it to myself.

Then I read Tihana’s post. It made me feel like I am no longer alone on this boat 🙂


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