Sydney Apartment

My Best Friend’s Sydney Apartment

My friend, Jik, has been adulting in Sydney for more than two years now after we left Singapore together. I have been missing our girls time ever since. Now that we live relatively close by (compared to Jakarta-Sydney), we have been making serious efforts to hang out with each other more often. Case in point: she visited me with a Welcome-to-Melbourne goodie bag last year, I came to Sydney to have a girls sleepover party last month, and we travelled to Uluru together last weekend.

Jik lives happily alone in her Sydney apartment.

She is kind of like Carrie Bradshaw’s, a chic city girl’s apartment, but heavily infused with my best friend’s personalities which made it more fabulous.

The first thing that will see the first time you step into her Sydney apartment is a couch facing the TV by the door, which is where she works most of the time. At least that’s where she sat while typing furiously on her MacBook when I invaded her space on weekends.

It’s fascinating that you can learn so much about one person from their fridge, both inside and out. Her fridge, the outside, was filled with inspirational quotes, love notes, happy pictures and magnets of places she has been to. It reminded of both my parents’ fridge back home and our recently upgraded fridge in Melbourne.

The kitchen section of her Sydney apartment has plenty of sunlight! If I lived in her apartment, this would be probably my working area as most of the time I blog from the dining table (typing this while sitting on one).

Meanwhile, she keeps her diary on the table. I think we are among the very few people our age who still write our thoughts on the paper. And that’s one of the things that bound us together because we get it, we get each other.

The flowers were for welcoming me, and we finished that bottle of wine before I left.

She got me a whole watermelon cake from the Black Star Pastry. This cake tasted like a drop of heaven mixed with a double rainbow. I tried a spoon and had fallen head over heels with it ever since.

Sydney Apartment

Jik loves her some pineapple, as much as I am crazy about black cats. And her Sydney apartment is filled with pineapples. Another thing Jik loves is a particular pattern, polka dots. It has been going strong for many years, so much so that every time I see a polka dot pattern I think of her. I have even started liking it, or maybe I like it because it reminds me of her.

Jik has a mobile library. We both own and love Amy Poehler’s Yes Please. Jik was the one who introduced me to Chelsea Handler’s hilarious writing. She is also one of the few people I know who love reading as much as I do. I remember gifting her Chicken Soup For The Soul series for her 17th birthday. Have you ever read the Chicken Soup For The Soul series? If you need a little pick me up, I highly recommend it. Read the one with the theme you can relate to. It’s genuinely heartwarming. Or better yet, if you are pretty open-minded and in need of a good laugh, pick any of Chelsea Handler’s books.

Many years ago, Jik gave me my first Teru Teru Buzo. She said it was supposed to keep me happy. A couple of years ago I returned the favour by gifting a green (her favourite colour) Teru Teru Buzo to her.

There is a window in her Sydney apartment bathroom. It’s pretty huge and low placed; it reminded me of the Parisian window the Madame Chic’s apartment.

Do you love your best friend’s apartment? Do you think it represents her? Have you ever stayed over at your best friend’s apartment?


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