No Internet Prompts Me To Journal

I keep getting reminders to journal today.

From the podcast in the morning walk to the internet being cut off to reading the Healing Magic suggestion to write in red something that I intrinsically predicted.

I moved the desk to join my new team today. Many came and inquired what was happening. I am actually excited about doing new things at work.

I called my App earlier. I have been meaning to call him for a while but keep putting it off until I pull today’s tarot card this morning: the King of Cups. It represents him perfectly for me. Kind, loving and generous, yet can be distance. And, he is also a Pisces. Our conversation was awkward, which is pretty usual, and I am okay with. I am just glad that I called him.

I got Chrysocolla crystal to work with me this week. Hmm, I am not sure what more to write. Not journaling for sometime sure does make picking it up again a little harder.

I wish I can wake up 30 mins earlier every morning so I can do a 10-15 mins morning journal every day. Journaling should be my thing.


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