April 2017

Highlights and Happenings

April has been a memorable month. It started with Fafa’s birthday. We celebrated with ice cream cake from Joylati, our favorite ice cream shop (yeah, I never thought I would ever write “favorite ice cream shop” in a sentence). We continued the celebration on the weekend with lunch at Saba, our favorite Ethiopian restaurant, and ended it with the comedy pub crawl together with Jik who came for a weekend visit.

A week after that, Japan happened. And in Japan, a lot happened. We started our trip with the Tsukiji fish auction and ended it with yakitori in Golden Gai. And if I must choose the best part of the Japan trip, it would be the gorgeous Sakura. I feel really grateful to be able to experience it.

Lastly, Miaw, who was missing in action, finally reached home. Just in time to join the Japan trip.

New and Loving

Seeing Osaka, Takayama, and Kanazawa for the first time.

Also, I am writing a book. Ha ha.. But yeah. The tentative title is Tarot & Travel, as a tribute to the push to write a book from my tarot reading session. The concept is a travel journal guided by the tarot card drawn each day during my travel. Pretty cool, eh? At least I think so. I have filled a few pages until now. Hopefully, it’s full and ready to be published sometime in the next year or two.I loved Japan and almost everything about it, which I will share with you in many blog posts soon. For now, let me tell you about N.S. Harsha. He is an Indian contemporary artist who features India, more specifically South Indian cultures, in his arts. We saw his exhibition, Charming Journey, in Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum. Those paintings brought me so much joy in the short hour we spent looking at them. If you are in Tokyo anytime before 11 Jun 2017 please visit his exhibition. It will be well worth it, especially if you have a thing for India.Another honorable mention would be cold soba. The first time I read about it was from The Princess Diaries series. That time I was like, what? Why would anyone eat cold noodles?? Long story short, I have been avoiding it all my life until it was presented beautifully in front of Naho, the tour guide who sat beside me in the soba shop (I ordered hot chicken soba). Thankfully, she offered me to taste it, and thankfully I was shameless enough to try it. OMG, it tasted SO GOOD! I polished off the cold soba served on the plane ride back to Melbourne. The same one that I didn’t touch on the plane to Japan. Her simple gesture expanded my life.


Well, confession time. I bought a book from Osaka and two from Tokyo, one of it was N.S. Harsha’s Charming Journey, because some reasons my brain forgot the carry-on weight limit every time we were in Tatsuya bookstore. I haven’t finished the first one yet, so more on it next month.

Thank You, Next!

A few colleagues and I are going to Comic-Con this weekend. I am going as Kamala Khan, the teenage Pakistani American with shapeshifting abilities. How cool is that? I got the costume months ago, hope it still fits me after the tons of ramen I slurped in the past week.

Also, the shadow guilt of buying an embarrassing amount of ridiculous face masks from Japan tax-free shop in Shinjuku made me rethink my approach to minimalism. Or the lack of it, to be exact. Ugh!


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