Japanese in SQ – SG to Narita

I am on the plane to Japan. They served authentic Japanese cuisine and it was oishi!

If the food in SQ tastes like today, I am looking looking forward to another gastronomical experience in the air in ten days.

Oh, next ten days feel so far away.

It feels like writing on a clean empty pages of a book that will be filled with amazing memories. But let’s not deny it will go so so fast!

I wonder how can we make the holiday last longer? At least for it to feel longer? Wake up early or earlier? Stay up pass our bedtime? Meet the local? I should email Kota, my Japanese counterpart, for a drink? Wouldn’t that be weird?

Idk something needs to be done though.

To make our Japanese memory last longer, the first thing I am going to do once we land is to ask Fafa to try to the toilet. And for me to find a matcha pudding in Starbucks.

Oh man, I am kinda obsessed with Starbucks in Japan?

I should have started a blog category and start writing more about it years ago. Maybe I will.

Speaking of writing as in pen and paper. I have to ask Brenna of Battered Suitcase does she keep writing in her notebook and if yes why?

Ps, I bought a liquid art lipstick from Bobbi Brown in Melbourne airport today. My justifications: it’s a color that I don’t have currently and the tube looks innovative.


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