Reading Tarot For Others

I started reading for Fafa, my first and loyal victim. His questions usually revolve around one thing and one thing only: when will he get rich. Such a Muggle.

I have done a few readings for strangers

In the beginning, I did it half-heartedly. I repeated the same thing over and over again or say things based on my memory of the meaning of the card, or even worse, I had said that I wasn’t sure or had no clue. I had been nervous about the outcome of the reading, even before it started, and have closed my third eye in the days, thanks to a reading I got from a fellow student in the tarot class; who stayed silent for the longest time while reviewing my card before saying bang-on that I work with food, I learned to be stay calm and be patient for the message to come to me. I am not hesitant anymore. I embrace the silence, tread the cards closely and tell them whatever came into my mind and heart. I try not to filter nor analyze it, however random it might be.

Amma would completely understand my interest in tarot. She accepts me do anything I want. On top of that, she will think whatever I read for her is a true wish that one day I get to read for more people.

I plan to host a tarot reading also harbor a dream job of being a plane tarot reader; no, not reading about the flights, but for the plane passengers’  experiences, how cool would that be?


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