Qi Crystal Day

I woke up early today; the plan was to check out Qi Crystal and spend some time there. A 15 minutes Uber-ride, a plate of Mexican corn fritters and mindless neighbourhood stroll later, I arrived in front of the new age shop. Qi Crystal looks small from the outside, but they have an extensive collection of new age stuff. Also, they are very friendly and welcoming. Within minutes I was offered a chai latte. I was like “YES, PLS!”

I ended up spending hours there, browsing everything, stocking up material for new and full moon rituals. I also got a few wealth attracting Feng Shui items which I hope works, and works fast as I spent a considerable size of my pay-check there.

My favourite purchase was a beautiful piece of Amethyst necklace made by a blind woman purely based on intuition.

I left Qi Crystal feeling so much happier and lighter. I think I will stock up my witch stuff once a quarter by visiting the shop. It will be such a treat every time I go there.


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