The Self Doubting Devil

When I drew The Devil card this morning, I was like whaaa??!

I wondered whether I jinxed my tarot reading by cutting or “modifying” it because I can’t relate to this card at all. Or maybe I didn’t want to!

I look at the image: A couple getting caught having sex. If we really want to stretch it, maybe it’s about me:

feeling guilty doing something I shouldn’t be doing?

I draw two clarifying card from my super cute Lenormand deck: Child and Fish.

With that I went to work.

My work day had been so hectic that I didn’t have time to mull over these card until tonight.

Only when I started journaling about these cards, it hit me. The Devil in tarot means:

Being punished/prisoned by my own self-limiting beliefs.

Work came into my mind immediately. How the pending of my Permanent Resident application outcome has been holding me back to find another job. I then went ahead and checked my EOI score. 70 points! That’s enough for the application!

A self-doubt/limiting belief is broken.

It also reminded me of being a slave of my tendency of being spendthrift. That I shall put a stop on it with self-control and discipline.

The Devil Tarot Keywords: Fear. Sex. Passion. Taboo. Impulse. Material success. Attachments. Sequences. Choice.


3 thoughts on “The Self Doubting Devil

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